Inside Athletics

Study Hour Program

Incoming freshmen, transfers, and FM continuing students (who have a cumulative college GPA below a 2.5), are required to complete at least 3 hours of documented study per week while their team is “in sea­son”. In addition, the Director of Athletics, the Coordinator for Student- Athlete Academic Success, and/or the Head Coaches have the prerogative of extending or implementing these hours at any time dependent on the academic progress of the Student-Athlete. Hours accumulate for each week beginning Monday morning and extend through Sunday evening. Student-Athletes who fail to complete their weekly study hours will be alerted by the Coordinator for Student-Athlete for Academic Success.

Student athletes have three ways to document study hours:

  1. Attend Study Lab with the Coordinator for Student Athlete Academic Success.  Times and locations will be posted each semester.
  2. Complete a Raider Pass for completing one of the following:
    1. Scheduled meeting with professor during office hours
    2. Group tutor session coordinated by respective academic department
    3. Mandatory/voluntary lecture/film/workshop
    4. Attendance at a Student Support Service Session (i.e.: Transfer Workshop, etc.)
    5. Study time completed during away competition—Coach Supervision
  3. If a TRiO member, student athletes can utilize the TRiO penthouse for tutoring and/or independent study.